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• Daniel Baker

Some of us grew up with Mr. Miyagi echoing in our minds, "Wax on, wax off. Wax on, wax off." Danny LaRusso eventually learned that this odd counsel had a lot more to it than he thought. 

God's counsel has a similar ring to it, but a vastly different impact: "Put off, put on. Put off, put on." These words come out of Ephesians 4:17-5:2, Sam's text from last Sunday when we finished out our series on on change. One of the key aspects of this passage is the series of "put offs" and "put ons" that we find…

• Daniel Baker

There aren't many Bible stories that can claim a recent Bruce Springsteen song and a Veggie Tales movie, but Jonah can. And it makes sense. The story offers everything we love: a villainous hero (or is he a heroic villain?), fast-paced action, profound insights about the human condition, and a mesmerizing look at God's scandalous mercy. It is one of the few Old Testament books that seems to speak to everyone—scholar or preschooler, the specialist in Hebrew syntax or one who barely knows English (and it's your mother tongue!).

Of course, the best way…

• Daniel Baker

Mark Prater, Executive Director of Sovereign Grace, wrote on the Orlando shooting yesterday. His post reflects a good combination of compassion for the suffering and help for the Christian as we try to think, act, and speak in a way that rightly reflects our God. You can read it below. One of our sister churches in Orlando pastored by Benny Phillips also wrote on the incident for their blog. Others have offered helpful words: Russell Moore of Southern Seminary wrote for, and Joe Carter crafted a thoughtful post at The Gospel Coalition.…

• Daniel Baker

Last week's sermon looked at Romans 6:1-14 and our union with Christ. We need to grasp this union to find faith for real change in our lives. Reading Sinclair Ferguson's The Whole Christ this week he explored the idea of our union with Christ and unpacked even more blessings that are ours when we are in Christ and thus possess Christ. In doing so he cited a powerful passage from John Calvin:  

Our whole salvation and all its parts are comprehended in Christ [Acts 4:12]. We should therefore take care not to derive the least portion of it from anywhere else.

• Daniel Baker

Reformation. That's not a word we use often, but it has to do with re-forming something that already exists. Ideally, it is re-forming it in a better, more desirable manner. What we call the "Reformation" of the 16th century didn't create the church or the gospel or the Bible, but it significantly re-formed what many people thought about each of these.

This summer we're preaching a set of sermons that all fit together around this broad topic of Personal Reformation. These three mini-series' are brief and practical, and for each one we have selected a book to recommend if you…

• Scott Moonen

Walk for Life Results

On May 1, despite the threat of rain, Hand of Hope held a well attended Walk for Life and Run, Baby, Run race. This was their eleventh annual walk and second annual race.

Many folks from Sovereign Grace attended. If you ran in the race, you can find your results as follows. Thanks to a registration snafu, special congratulations are due to Luke Briley for an impressive performance for a 99-year-old! See below for some pictures from the event.

• Daniel Baker

As much as I still prefer a Bible with pages, a cover, space to write in, and the whole pre-modern deal, I appreciate the benefits of a good Bible app. Here are some recommended by various people at SGC.

• Jim Martin

Many passages of Scripture contain significant sub-plots to the stories we know well. Important truths to live by that are better mined in personal Bible study. This text contains a few important reminders about the nature of Christian discipleship.

• Jackie Curtis

We recently heard from David and Beth Curtis that Jackie, their oldest daughter, was healed of her chronic hearing loss. The weeks have gone on, but the miracle has remained. We asked her to write up her testimony so we could share it with you.

• Daniel Baker

Last Sunday I looked at John 8 in the sermon and made some comments on 7:53-8:11. I wanted to follow up with a few more details on this issue, because some things about it are a little complex to bring into a Sunday morning. My view here is not the only one, but I'll lay it out for your consideration.

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