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• David Powlison

Christians are not immune from self-hatred. Here is an excerpt from Tony Reinke's introduction to his interview with David Powlison on the topic of self-hatred. As Powlison unpacks this struggle, he shows us how common it is.

• Rachel Pannell

There was a moment in worship on Easter Sunday when I thought the Lord might be sending me to the prophecy mic. We were singing "Christ is Risen, He is Risen Indeed." And the Lord took me to Scripture, Jesus Himself saying to Thomas in John 20:29: "Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed." But sometimes it can be so hard to believe, can't it? To remember how much He loves us, to remember that He is there, because we cannot see Him in all the ways we can see our trials, our sin and the sin of others, our family and brothers and sisters in Christ who are right here in this mess with us.

• Daniel Baker

It seems that one of the cultural phenomenon of our day is the "selfie." In fact, it's amazing the internet doesn't simply collapse under the weight of billions of selfies added to it on a daily basis. But what about your "spiritual selfie"?

• Dorsey Jones

At the women's retreat this month Dorsey Jones shared on "Redemptive Works," those big and small things we do for others that can be an enormous encouragement and means of grace. During one part of her message she presented an excellent list of the kinds of things we can do for others. Let her ideas inspire you.

• Daniel Baker

"The Most Important Week of the Most Important Person Who Ever Lived": That is the sub-title of a book by Andreas J. Kostenberger and Justin Taylor called, The Final Days of Jesus. In the book the authors, both highly regarded evangelical scholars, work through each day from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. The book provides a helpful reflection on the historicity of these events, but it also gives a good set of readings for individuals and families who want a way to reflect deliberately on these teachings and events so central to our faith and life.

• Daniel Baker

Earlier this month over a hundred of our women gathered in Southern Pines, NC, to fellowship, worship, and hear from God's Word. Here is a resource list that was distributed then (books and other blogs, websites, podcasts, etc.).

• Daniel Baker

Jerry Bridges went to be with the Lord yesterday (March 16, 2016). Born to cotton farmers six weeks after the Stock Market Crash of 1929, he was saved in college and eventually went into vocational ministry with the Navigators. Most of us who know him, though, know him as an author and teacher who took gospel truth and made it accessible. If the name is new to you, Justin Taylor has written an excellent piece to honor him and survey his life.

• Daniel Baker

As Christians we often stress the now-ness of our faith, what it brings to us in the moment. That is right. But there is another dimension of faith which is unavoidably future-oriented. It deals with grace and blessing and riches and treasure and wonders that have yet to come. The culmination of faith is not in the present; it is in what has yet to come. Yet, these glories that await us in the future have a way of breaking into our present. The NOT YET becomes ALREADY for the people of God.

• Mike Noel

Recently both Daniel and John in their teachings have discussed John the Baptist and his response to the increasing popularity of Jesus away from his ministry. Daniel said that John the Baptist realized and admitted to the fact that he wasn’t “the big deal” (John 1:20). The big deal was Christ. John (McLeod) taught on the passage where one of John the Baptist’s disciples was lamenting that “all are going to him,” referring to the crowds flocking to see and hear Christ. In chapter 3:27-30 John responds to his disciple in a wonderful way ending with “he must increase I must decrease.”

• Daniel Baker

Recently, one of our home group leaders sent an email to his group. It gives a good snapshot of why home groups are such an important priority for us at SGC. You'll notice the mention of various people serving one another, the logistics they took care of, and the intentionality of the leader to make God a greater part of their lives. At one level an email like this can feel routine and forgettable, but on another it reflects a web of relationships channeled for the glory of God.

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