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• Daniel Baker

"I want to tell you what God did for me recently, but first I need to tell you what He did a while ago." A God-glorifying testimony today from this beautiful, courageous young women of the power and grace and love of God!

• Daniel Baker

Someone recently asked about the upcoming sermon schedule, because they wanted to read ahead and prepare for the preaching. That is a great desire and an excellent way to get even more out of the sermons. So, below is the plan for part one of the Isaiah series. We'll be dividing it into three parts over the next several months).

• Daniel Baker

In case it's helpful for you, I uploaded my sermon notes from yesterday to the sermon page. The opening on the idea of a Christian counterculture had some heady stuff, so I thought my notes might allow you a chance to hear it again. The notes include the quotes I read. In the end, it is a great comfort to know that the truth we believe is not just true for us or true in certain areas of life, but that it is comprehensively true and speaks to all areas of human existence.

• Daniel Baker

This Sunday we begin a sermon series from the book of Isaiah: "Holy, Wholly, Holy." The prophet Isaiah is the Shakespeare of the Bible. He covers the heights and depths of human experience, takes us from the cesspool of our depravity to the very glory of the presence of God, and calls us from his first words to his last to be wholly God's. Our tendency is to be immersed in our own lives and to dabble in the things of God. Isaiah beckons us to stop and consider the King who gave us the breath....

• Jim Martin

While there are a host of Bible verses that connect personal vocation to the gospel—a personal favorite is the simple connection between one’s hard work and the glory of God in 1 Cor 10:31—for many of us there is a practical “disconnect” between the daily grind of our responsibilities and the gospel we sing about on Sunday. In a way, who can blame us?  How does this next sales call…this next line of code…or even this next diaper have any relevance to the gospel of grace?

• Daniel Baker

Last Sunday I looked at the topic of homosexuality and tried to speak clearly and lovingly to the issue. One thing I didn't do is provide specific help for those who struggle with same-sex attraction. This post is a small attempt to do that. Most of it comes from Michael R. Emlet, who wrote a 2014 article on the topic ("Five Ministry Priorities for Those Struggling with Same-Sex Attraction," Journal of Biblical Counseling 28:3).

• Jim Martin

Last Sunday, while our young adults were away at a retreat in Virginia, I made a pastoral appeal to our older adult members to consider how they might get involved to serve their younger adult peers. Part of what I shared included ideas for how to get involved. Here are some highlights:

• Daniel Baker

In a 2002 Dilbert cartoon, Wally hands a piece of paper to the "pointy-haired boss." The oblivious boss says, "Wally, your status report is just a bunch of buzzwords strung together." Wally responds in the next panel, "I've been giving you that same status report every week for eleven years." And in the third panel he adds, "Five years ago you adopted it as our mission statement."

That's the risk with a mission statement—that it would become a trite, trendy, and lifeless set of words that mean something at one time but die out after a few weeks of use.

• Joy Sasser

Thank you to all those who participated in the initial information meeting about Safe Families For Children!

Read below for the next steps for those who continue to have interest in helping with SFFC.

We'd like to know your level of interest and to get you on our email list. You can also RSVP for the training event at the Auer's Home this Saturday.

"I'm Interested" Form

• Dawn Ruhl

We are excited to tell you about an opportunity to get involved in our community through a ministry called Safe Families for Children. Safe Families is a volunteer ministry that exists to provide biblical hospitality, love, and support to families in crisis, largely through providing parents with safe places for their children to stay while they work to resolve whatever crises that they are experiencing, such as unemployment, homelessness, or financial difficulty. This ministry equips churches like ours to create support networks for desperate people in our community who have no one to turn to in times of crisis. They do this through creating teams of people to come alongside of these families in various roles. This is one of the really neat things about Safe Families - that there are many ways to be involved.

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