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Complementarianism Series

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• Daniel Baker

“I am single. I am complementarian. A lot of times people don’t see how those things go hand in hand.”

That’s how Katie Van Dyke begins her article, “Complementarianism and the Single Woman.”  She goes on to make several points useful to explore as we continue this series on complementarianism.

• Daniel Baker

Our series on complementarianism has unpacked Genesis 1–3 and much of what it teaches on men, women, marriage, and sin. The alternative view is called egalitarianism, a view that sees men and women as not just "equal" in significance and essence but also in their roles in a marriage or the church. In this post we turn from the family to the church. How does gender impact what God calls us to in the church? That's the question before us. 

• Daniel Baker

Adam and Eve teach us volumes about God's intentions for men and women and marriage. The paradise of Eden was a place where the first man and the first woman enjoyed a marriage entirely free of sin. We can't say how long this sinless harmony lasted, but for at least a moment the man was the head of his home and the woman his happy helpmate, and both were in peaceful fellowship with the living God. But in this third installment in our series we'll see the darkness of the fall descend.

• Daniel Baker

In Part One of this series we looked at all Genesis 1 teaches us about the equality of men and women. Now we'll step into how God has made us...different. A slew of books like the bestseller Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus reminds us that pointing out differences is common enough. But while psychology and biology have something to teach us on these differences, our goal is to unpack how God speaks to it.

• Daniel Baker

This is the first of a series of posts where we'll look at how our gender impacts God's call on our lives within our families and our church. The basic view we're exploring is "complementarianism." That's probably a new one for you, but hopefully by the end of this series, you'll see that while it's hard to spell, it's a gift to live. 

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