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Bring the full tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. And thereby put me to the test, says the LORD of hosts, if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour down for you a blessing until there is no more need.

(Malachi 3:10)

Online Giving via Church Center

We offer an easy way to give your tithes and offerings online through Church Center. You can log in as a member or give as a guest. If you'd like help setting up an account, contact the church office (919-362-4420) or email our Financial Secretary. You can download the "Church Center" app from the App Store or Play Store. Or, you can go directly to the Giving Page on Church Center.

Give Now with Church Center

Alms Needs and Donations

The elders and our Deacon of Benevolence review alms needs regularly. If you know of a need within the church that you would like us to consider, you may suggest it with this form. You don't have to donate toward the need to suggest it, though you are certainly invited to give alms at any time.

Suggest an Alms Need


Of course, you may certainly drop an offering in the "Tithes and Offerings" box in the back of the auditorium on Sunday morming. You may also mail a check to Cornerstone Fellowship Church, 401 Upchurch St, Apex, NC 27502

We allow giving with your checking account (ACH), with Apple Pay, or with your credit card. However, please realize that giving with your credit card costs the church 2.5% of your gift. This can cost the church hundreds of dollars in fees each month.

When at all possible, please use your checking account with your online giving.

Yes, you can set up recurring gifts and donations. This can be done by adjusting the Frequency when you set up the online gift in Church Center.

Yes, you may give to several different funds.

  • Tithes and Offerings
  • Mortgage Reduction
  • Alms

Thank you for wanting to bless others who are experiencing financial hardship. We have an alms request form that you may submit to inform the church of an alms need. You can submit this need whether or not you personally can give towards the need.

We have a policy regarding designated alms (see the next Q&A) that helps clarify what is and is not allowed by the IRS regarding designated giving.

Designated Alms Policy

Cornerstone Fellowship Church, in the exercise of its religious and charitable purposes, has established an alms fund to assist persons in financial need. The church welcomes contributions to the fund, and donors are free to suggest beneficiaries of the fund (or of their contributions to the fund). However, such suggestions shall be deemed advisory rather than mandatory in nature. The administration of the fund, including all disbursements, is subject to the exclusive control and discretion of the Elder Board of Cornerstone Fellowship Church as they seek to operate according to biblical principles and wisdom. The Elder Board may consider donors' suggestions for use of the funds, but in no event is it bound in any way to honor them, since the suggestions are accepted only on the condition that they are merely nonbinding recommendations. As a result, donors will not be entitled to a return of their contributions on the ground that the church failed to honor their suggested use of the funds.

Donors making contributions to the alms fund subject to these conditions may be able to claim them as deductions on their itemized federal income tax return. The church cannot guarantee this result and recommends that donors who want assurance that their contributions are deductible seek the advice of a tax professional.

If a donor wants to guarantee that a donation goes to a specific individual and merely wants to remain anonymous, the church is happy to disperse these funds on his or her behalf. However, this would not be considered a tax-deductible donation, and very specific instructions must be communicated to and acknowledged by the Elder Board that this is the sole intended purpose of the funds.

Yes, once you are logged into Church Center, you can see all previous giving. You also will receive an email notification when you give.

Yes, our online giving is handled on a secure web server. 

Yes, you may give non-cash donations.

Gifts of Stock, Bonds, or other Transferable Securities

Our members have the option of donating non-cash gifts in the form of stocks, bonds, or other transferable securities to the church.  Under certain conditions, a significant tax advantage is available for donors who make gifts of this type. Provided the church is able to easily liquidate these donated assets, we invite gifts of this type from our members.

Donation Procedure

The typical process for donations of this kind is as follows. Be advised that exceptions to this process may be necessary, based upon the transaction.

Step 1: Donor completes an Authorization for Transfer of Securities form.

This form includes the information the church, its brokerage firm, and the donor’s brokerage firm* will need to facilitate the transaction. The donor must submit a completed and signed copy to the parties listed on the form prior to the transfer of shares.

Authorization for Transfer of Securities Form

*Rules may vary, so check with your broker to understand their specific requirements.

Note: Cornerstone Fellowship Church reserves the right not to accept donations of assets that are either too difficult to immediately liquidate and/or represent holdings in a business/organization of questionable moral criteria.

Step 2: Church sends donor a letter of receipt of asset.

Once the asset has been successfully transferred to the church’s brokerage account, the church will mail the donor a letter or receipt. The letter acknowledges receipt of a specified number of shares and the date they were received.

Please note that Cornerstone Fellowship Church will not state the value of the asset donated. The donor carries the responsibility to assign the value of the asset donated for tax purposes. Please also note that this donation will not be reflected in the donor’s year-end contribution report. However, additional copies of this letter are available upon request in the event an original is lost.

IRS Form 8283 (Non-cash charitable contributions)

Step 3: Church liquidates the asset at its earliest possible opportunity.

The church’s policy is to not maintain ownership of non-cash property donated. Therefore, we will liquidate the shares donated at the earliest possible opportunity. Funds resulting from the liquidation will be added to our cash donations.

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