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• Daniel Baker • Posted in Events

On March 23rd, Ken Sande will be with us to teach key principles of relational wisdom (sign up, pick your lunch). If his name is a new one for you, I'd like to introduce him a bit. You can find out more about him on his ministry website, but here is some of his journey in his own words. 

Twice Privileged

By God’s grace, I’ve had the privilege of founding two organizations that are dedicated to preserving and transforming relationships: Peacemaker Ministries and Relational Wisdom 360 (RW360).

I was raised on a ranch in Montana. Initially…

• Daniel Baker • Posted in Events, Relationships

This March SGC is hosting a one-day seminar by author and speaker Ken Sande. Many of us have read and benefitted from his book, The Peacemaker: A Biblical Guide to Resolving Personal Conflict, and its related materials. This March he'll be speaking on a new series of teachings he's developed on Relational Wisdom. Check out this post for the kinds of questions he'll be addressing.

• Philip Sasser • Posted in Events, Worship

In honor of the Matthew Smith/Indelible Grace concert this September, here is a post Philip did for his blog in 2012:

Twelve years ago the loose confederation of Nashville musicians known as Indelible Grace were an anomaly in Christian music. They weren’t out to become famous for sounding like kosher editions of secular bands and they weren’t out to create music for churches that furthered the trend of tunefully sentimentalizing faith. They were out to make music the way jazz musicians once did: by taking a particular canon of songs (in their case, seventeenth and eighteenth century hymns)…

• Scott Moonen • Posted in Events, Pro-life, Service

Walk for Life Results

On May 1, despite the threat of rain, Hand of Hope held a well attended Walk for Life and Run, Baby, Run race. This was their eleventh annual walk and second annual race.

Many folks from Sovereign Grace attended. If you ran in the race, you can find your results as follows. Thanks to a registration snafu, special congratulations are due to Luke Briley for an impressive performance for a 99-year-old! See below for some pictures from the event.

• Kate Sasser • Posted in Events, Every-Member Ministry, Life in the Church, Suffering

If it’s true that grief leaves you with a limp, then we must have been quite a disabled crew. Each Monday for thirteen weeks, we trudged in from the cold to pray, listen, and process the reality of our unique losses, ranging from the natural (and still devastating) loss of mothers and fathers, to the tragic and sudden loss of young life. But if you had peeked in the window at 401 Upchurch St. those evenings, you wouldn’t have only seen tears.

• Scott Moonen • Posted in Events, Every-Member Ministry, Pro-life

Several couples from church attended the tenth annual Hand of Hope fundraising banquet on November 5. Close to 300 people attended the dinner in support of Hand of Hope's ministry. Pam Tebow served as the banquet's guest speaker this year, and the evening was filled with encouraging stories from Pam and several Hand of Hope volunteers and clients of God's power and mercy and goodness working through the prayers and activity of his people.

• Daniel Baker • Posted in Discipleship, Events, Life in the Church, Sermons

We work hard at things that we think are important. Of course, some of those things simply aren't—at least, not in the larger sense. Fantasy football is underway for many of us, and beating our cousin or co-worker or neighbor feels great in the moment and seems to justify the hours of research we did before making our draft picks. But this probably won't be remembered on our tombstone...even if we win ESPN's bazillion-dollar prize. Sometimes, though, things that really are most important go uncared for.

• Daniel Baker • Posted in Church Government, Discipleship, Events, Every-Member Ministry, Life in the Church

This Sunday Mike Noel and John McLeod will be ordained as elders at Sovereign Grace Church. But what does it even mean to be “ordained”? Aren’t they basically elders now? What will change after Sunday? We want to take a minute here and think about these questions and a few others. 

• Joy Sasser • Posted in Discipleship, Evangelism, Events, Every-Member Ministry, Mission, Service

My name is Joy Sasser, and I was one of the 32 from SGC that recently ventured down to Agua Viva Children’s Home in Guatemala. Speaking for the team is tough because everyone took something different away from the experience and of what God did through us and in us. There are a few things I can confidently say from the group.

• Sam Hodges • Posted in Evangelism, Events, Every-Member Ministry, Service

Most of you know that I work for a Christian publishing ministry. It’s called Church Initiative. We make video-based resources that equip churches to help hurting people. Our team recently finished up work on the third edition of GriefShare, a small group, grief-recovery program.

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