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• Daniel Baker • Posted in Discipleship

We are beginning our first of three Caffeinated History classes at church. Why church history? Few things bring together human interest, lessons for life, and insights from the Bible like church history. When you look at how God's people—our people—have faced challenges in their day and had to figure out what Christian faithfulness required, you come away better equipped to handle what God brings our way. 

• Daniel Baker • Posted in Discipleship, Life in the Church, Mission, News, Parenting, Prayer, Pro-life

Here is the 7-day prayer guide we distributed last Sunday as part of Sanctity of Life Sunday. Contact Daniel Baker if you would be willing to (1) help organize or (2) participate in pro-life activities that our church does.

• Jim Martin • Posted in College Group, Discipleship, Life in the Church

Last Sunday, while our young adults were away at a retreat in Virginia, I made a pastoral appeal to our older adult members to consider how they might get involved to serve their younger adult peers. Part of what I shared included ideas for how to get involved. Here are some highlights:

• Daniel Baker • Posted in Bible, Discipleship, Grace, Sermons

It is fitting that our sermon on Mother's Day happened to be on the grace of God. There's nothing a mom needs more than that. And both prove to be very different than we at first expected.

• Jim Martin • Posted in Discipleship, Sanctification, Sermons

Many passages of Scripture contain significant sub-plots to the stories we know well. Important truths to live by that are better mined in personal Bible study. This text contains a few important reminders about the nature of Christian discipleship.

• Mike Noel • Posted in Discipleship, Sanctification, Sermons

Recently both Daniel and John in their teachings have discussed John the Baptist and his response to the increasing popularity of Jesus away from his ministry. Daniel said that John the Baptist realized and admitted to the fact that he wasn’t “the big deal” (John 1:20). The big deal was Christ. John (McLeod) taught on the passage where one of John the Baptist’s disciples was lamenting that “all are going to him,” referring to the crowds flocking to see and hear Christ. In chapter 3:27-30 John responds to his disciple in a wonderful way ending with “he must increase I must decrease.”

• Jeanne Hinds • Posted in Advent, Bible, Devotions, Discipleship

It was Christmas Eve in Decatur, Georgia, and my brothers and I had been tucked into bed. In the darkness of my room I opened the curtains on the window next to my bed and peered out into the dark night, my eyes scanning the skies expectantly. But I wasn’t looking for a sleigh and eight tiny reindeer. I was hoping to see the star of Bethlehem appear.

• Daniel Baker • Posted in Advent, Bible, Devotions, Discipleship, Every-Member Ministry

For the Advent season this year we are doing something special. First, we are providing a set of Bible readings to go along with each day of Advent (December 1-25). Second, someone from the church will be providing a reflection on each day's reading. Our intention is to have these posted first thing each morning, maybe even the night before if things go extremely well. Here are the readings and authors for each day of Advent.

• Daniel Baker • Posted in Advent, Devotions, Discipleship, Every-Member Ministry, Life in the Church, News

In case you hadn't noticed, the Christmas season is here. Today is Black Friday, and I'm just about to head out for some shopping. We all have about twenty-seven parties scheduled in the next thirty days, and in stores and homes in that same period we'll hear about a thousand different versions of Carol of the Bells. I don't write this as a Scrooge. I love Christmas. But what I love above all the family traditions and celebrations is the Event at the center of it all: The Advent of the Messiah.

• Daniel Baker • Posted in Discipleship, Evangelism

Last Sunday Phil spent a few minutes at the start of his sermon introducing his class on apologetics. The class starts tomorrow night at 7:00pm, and you can sign up here. Apologetics is not apologizing for the faith, though the words look similar. It is the study of defending the faith....

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