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• Sam Hodges • Posted in Attributes of God, Bible, Evangelism, Gospel, New Testament, Theology

In the first chapter of the gospel of John, John introduces readers to the Word. He tells his 1st century audience (primarily Jews and Greeks) a number of surprising things about the Word. We’ll look at four of those traits followed by a few points of application/significance.

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In the critical last hours of Jesus’ earthly ministry, he instituted what we call the Lord's Supper at his last meal with the disciples. As we saw in our Sunday sermon, the Lord's Supper is a simple act, but it has profound meaning. What is the Lord's Supper? We answered that question in four parts.

• Posted in Evangelism, Events, Service, Vision

Sovereign Grace Church in Apex is hosting a Pilates class on Tuesday nights from 8:00-9:00pm for women ages 13 and up.

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Ricky Wright was baptized this past Sunday, along with Mike Smith. It was a great day of celebrating God's grace saving two more sinners! Ricky was gracious enough to let us post his profession.

• Posted in Church Plant, Evangelism, Events, Every-Member Ministry, Fellowship, Life in the Church, Mission, Service, Vision

A few weeks ago we had our 2013 Family Meeting, a time to annually come together and think about the past year and the year ahead. This year we felt particularly led to focus on the year ahead. God is doing great things in our church, and we wanted to cast vision along those lines.

• Rachel Pannell • Posted in Evangelism, Life in the Church, Vision

Loving Our Neighbor, the third part in our vision statement, is something I have been encouraged to see our church grow in over the years....we have many members whose heart for the poor, the suffering, and the lost is an encouragement and an inspiration, like Jim Bastic.

• Posted in College Group, Evangelism, Every-Member Ministry, Gospel, Life in the Church, Mission, News, Vision

The college group (CG) is an outreach-focused small group within Sovereign Grace Church. We believe that as young men and women we are called to "go and make disciples" (Matt. 28:19).

• Posted in Discipleship, Evangelism, Events, Life in the Church, News, Pro-life

Serving at A Hand of Hope PRC you see the compassionate side of the pro-life fight, showing the love of Jesus in real and tangible ways to women in need.

• Posted in Evangelism, Forgiveness, Gospel, Life in the Church, Mission, Vision

 One woman's testimony about her work with troubled teens in Cary, putting faith into action at an Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Program.

• Posted in Evangelism, Life in the Church, Mission, Vision

Last fall Jordan and Ashley Liggitt did a Bible study with a group of their neighbors. We asked Jordan about how it went and what he learned along the way.

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