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Barna created a poll to evaluate how "Bible-minded" different cities were. The questions had to do with reading the Bible within the last seven days and believing in the accuracy of it. A "yes" to these answers meant a person was Bible-minded. Turns out that the Raleigh-Durham area is the 22nd most Bible-minded city they evaluated.

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Lisa Strite writes about serving the needy and evangelizing the lost at Raleigh Rescue Mission.

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Julie Roe reposts on serving the needy at the Holly Springs Food Cupboard.

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Glenda Arnold share about serving the needy and evangelizing the lost at With Love From Jesus. 

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"Mommy, can we start a club where we do things that help people?" my son asked a while ago after we'd dropped off some items at the food pantry in Apex. He loves coming along to donate stuff and seeing what they do there....but he's too young to volunteer because they have minimum age requirements. Eventually we settled on the idea of planning several service opportunities and projects where kids can serve alongside adults and the "Disciples Club" was born!

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Over the last couple of weeks we've been looking at SGC's vision, answering the question, What is SGC to be about? I hope the answer to that question has been made a bit clearer through these blog posts. But there is one last piece of the puzzle to consider.

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Everything the Bible records about Jesus—his birth, actions, teachings, miracles, cross, resurrection, etc.—is written with God's Holy Spirit highlighter that says, "Catch this! It is important!" The words about Jesus are not more inspired than the rest of Scripture, but there is a unique importance to them that has appropriately made them central to the church's reading and teaching for two thousand years.

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