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Testimony from Hannah Michels

• Daniel Baker

Posted in Healing, Suffering

Last Sunday we were treated a great privilege. Hannah Michels overcame her fears of public speaking and a cold and then blessed us all with a testimony of God's work in her life. She is in many ways a living testimony of God's miraculous power. Having been afflicted now for many years with Myasthenia gravis, she knows what it means to be weak in a comprehensive manner. And yet, recently God has done a new thing in her life. That is what she wanted to testify about on Sunday morning. Here is what she said: 

I want to tell you what God did for me recently, but first I need to tell you what He did a while ago.

When I was about 12 years old, I started to grow weaker and weaker. I started to lose things, abilities—almost daily it seemed. At first it was big things, like walking and running, but then things like laughing , talking, and even breathing became hard.

The doctors didn't know what to do: "This isn't the way your disease is supposed to work," they said—as days were spent in bed just trying to get air in and co2 out and nights were spent reciting Psalm 4 to myself, unsure if I would ever wake.

I learned a lot during that time about God, about faith, about contentment and what it really meant to place your life in God's hands.

After several years the doctors found something that helped slow the decline. But in 2011 God started to take that which I held most dear: church, you all, my ability to serve, fellowship and worship. I began to have panic attacks and vertigo during worship and occasionally to pass out.

I can honestly say that was the hardest time of my life as God brought me to my knees both physically and emotionally and as I learned lessons I thought I had already mastered. I struggled with depression, I fought with God; but He sustained me.

When the young adult retreat came around last September I really wanted to go, but with my health the way it was I couldn't make it. But God's arm is not shortened that He cannot save!

At the retreat, God prompted them to pray for me late Saturday night and I woke up with more strength then I have had in years and years. And that strength has not wavered!

The doctors cannot explain it, but they can't deny it. It is not a complete healing, but I can serve in children's  ministry again, I can enjoy fellowship with y'all, and I can worship and I am worshiping!

Hannah Michels

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