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We received an excellent submission for the blog from one of our members. We hope that it encourages you!

An experience of grace that we can all relate to as feelings of guilt turn to gratitude. 

Nancy Guthrie at The Gospel Coalition blog provided some good counsel about how to pray for others. The title of her post is "Praying Past Preferred Outcomes," which gives away where she's headed.

One of the purposes of great art is to bring the overwhelming realities of life and thought within reach of normal, distracted, minds like ours. Without it, the gap between my own wisdom and the wisdom necessary to properly comprehend the wonder and mystery of birth, the changing of seasons, a fire in the hearth, sickness, and death is too wide to measure. 

This spring (2013) many of us went away for an overnight retreat in Wilmington, NC....It was truly a blessing for all who attended.

Yesterday Phil preached on reasons we give our finances to the church. To put it as snappy as Sam Houston did: "When I got baptized, my wallet got baptized, too." One of the sections of the sermon gave a rationale for why Christians should (at least) tithe. 

Ten Big realities about God and about us that we all need to hear every morning.

Paul Tripp's book Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands was written to help Christians counsel other Christians. While there is certainly a place for professional counseling, the book underscores the idea that most of our giving and receiving of counsel will not be in the therapist's office, but in living rooms, coffee shops, church lobbies, offices, classrooms, and grocery stores. All day we are listening to and giving counsel. The question is, are we doing that well?

The SGM blog posted "What in the World is Holy Week"? by Walt Alexander, one of our fellow elders at the Knoxville SG church. It has some great helps for preparing our hearts for Easter. Note that we'll be having a Good Friday service to remind us to slow down and behold the cross.

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