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Michelle Alston has created a list of Scriptures (and some paraphrased Scriptures) that unpack in wonderful completeness who we are in Christ. For some of these, the pronouns are changed to personalize them, and for others a paraphrase is used to get at the essence of the text. Yet, these several dozen texts remind us vividly that God not only loves us, but he wants us to grow in our understanding of that love.

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On Sunday, February 24, the call to worship during our Sunday service focused on prophecy and the gift of tongues from 1 Corinthians 14:1-5. As you might expect, a number of people responded to the prompting of the Spirit. One of these was Candace Walton, who served the church by interpreting a tongue given by Sam Hodges. We asked her to describe the experience so that others could be encouraged and maybe informed about what it can be like to step out in this way.

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David Powlison recently addressed this question on the CCEF blog (Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation). His answers are insightful and helpful.

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Join us March 22 & 23 as we learn from each other at The Holiday Inn Express in Wilmington, NC. We will meet officially from Friday evening (dinner provided), through Saturday afternoon (lunch provided), as we pursue a myriad of breakout topics relating to all seasons of life.

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Clay Shelor has written some excellent discussion questions based on last week's sermon. We looked at the topic of "every-member ministry," an idea that has gripped us as elders over the last year or so.

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Barna created a poll to evaluate how "Bible-minded" different cities were. The questions had to do with reading the Bible within the last seven days and believing in the accuracy of it. A "yes" to these answers meant a person was Bible-minded. Turns out that the Raleigh-Durham area is the 22nd most Bible-minded city they evaluated.

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A letter from "Brother Jeff" who thanked our youth group for the care boxes they sent recently.

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Martin Luther gives us the biblical answer to the question, "When will I be perfect?" He says, not yet!

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A couple weeks ago (Sunday, January 20), the youth group set up an enormous shipping center in our church to bless our troops.

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It's Sanctity of Life Sunday. Where are we in the battle against abortion? Two big fronts we support are policy advocacy and pregnancy centers, but first we must be God's soldiers praying humbly before Him.

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