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• Aaron Kruse • Posted in Bible, Church Plant, Evangelism, Life in the Church, Mission, Vision

Hi! This winter, I will be taking a course called Perspectives that is about the role each believer plays in God's plan to reach the nations. It is put together by the US Center for World Mission, the publishers of Mission Frontiers magazine.

• Joy Sasser • Posted in Discipleship, Evangelism, Events, Every-Member Ministry, Mission, Service

My name is Joy Sasser, and I was one of the 32 from SGC that recently ventured down to Agua Viva Children’s Home in Guatemala. Speaking for the team is tough because everyone took something different away from the experience and of what God did through us and in us. There are a few things I can confidently say from the group.

• Daniel Baker • Posted in Evangelism, Mission, Service

The world’s first widespread Ebola epidemic has ravaged three neighboring West African countries: Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, with Liberia currently experiencing the brunt of this deadly epidemic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) puts the number of infections at 8,033 and the number of deaths at 3,865(As of October 5, 2014 -, October 9, 2014). Moreover, the CDC states that cases in Liberia are doubling every 15-20 days, while those in Sierra Leone and Guinea are doubling every 30-40 days. Without additional intervention programs or changes in community behavior, the CDC predicts there may be…

• Daniel Ramsay • Posted in Every-Member Ministry, Mission, Service

From Daniel Baker: I asked Daniel Ramsay to write this for the church. It will be followed up by a second post that gives more detail on SIM's work in fighting Ebola. I hope you will consider playing some role in this situation.

Dear church members,

I know that Ebola has become a topic that all media is reporting on, and we are now getting saturated with news about it 24/7, particularly with the new cases in the United States.  Rather than looking at what is going on here, which I hope our government will act strongly to curtail,…

• Daniel Baker • Posted in Bible, Evangelism, Every-Member Ministry, Mission, Vision

This afternoon I spent time with Benjamin Tangeman at the Cary office of Trans World Radio. Ben has been working for them for years and has been connected to them through his parents and grandparents for decades (he spent his first ten years on the island of Bonaire, while his parents worked for TWR). It was an inspiring look into a ministry I knew virtually nothing about.

• Daniel Baker • Posted in Finances, Mission, Sanctification

From a blog post by Randy Alcorn:

Someone has said, “Live simply that others may simply live.” Of course, there is no automatic relationship between my simple living and someone else being rescued from starvation or reached with the gospel. There is only a relationship if I, in fact, use the resources I have freed up to feed the hungry and reach the lost. This itself assumes I will continue to make a decent wage. For if I go off and pursue simple living for simple living’s sake, spending what little I earn on myself, it does no good…

• Posted in Church Government, Life in the Church, Mission, News

We recently added a page on our website to answer seven key questions you and others might have about bi-vocational elders at SGC.

• Posted in Every-Member Ministry, Life in the Church, Mission, Service, Vision

Minds drift, visions leak, and memories fade. That's why it seems worthwhile to revisit our church vision at the start of another new year. What is it that ties all our sermons, meetings, and labors together? What do you say to the person who says, "What's your church about?"

• Posted in Every-Member Ministry, Gospel, Life in the Church, Mission, News, SG, Service, Vision

As a family of churches we have a unique opportunity to help provide relief to those in the Philippines devestated by Typhoon Haiyan. In God's kindness, we have had a long and fruitful partnership with pastors Nilo Ebu and Pete Valdez, both of whom lead churches in the Philippines. 

• Posted in Bible, Every-Member Ministry, Life in the Church, Mission, Service, Unity, Vision

Dave Burnett serves us as our Deacon of Benevolence. In this post he invites us into that role and explains how he does it. As elders we have so appreciated his service, and we have seen time again that his wisdom and compassion bring great blessing to others.

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