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Dear Church,

Paul spoke of the financial gifts of the Philippians as “a fragrant offering, a sacrifice acceptable and pleasing to God” (4:18). It was a gift that helped the apostle in his ministry, but he saw it also done unto the Lord. Through Paul, God was telling these generous saints, “Well done!” May it be that you, too, can hear God’s “Well done!” through the thanks we feel as elders of SGC for your financial offerings. It is a true joy for us to serve you.
Read below to reflect on the last calendar year at our church and to be reminded how to access your 2018 Contribution Statement.

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From a blog post by Randy Alcorn:

Someone has said, “Live simply that others may simply live.” Of course, there is no automatic relationship between my simple living and someone else being rescued from starvation or reached with the gospel. There is only a relationship if I, in fact, use the resources I have freed up to feed the hungry and reach the lost. This itself assumes I will continue to make a decent wage. For if I go off and pursue simple living for simple living’s sake, spending what little I earn on myself, it does no good…

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Last Sunday Phil made several points about tithing. One was that this was to be the starting point for giving to the church. He referenced a passage central to a right understanding of this issue - Malachi 3:8-12.
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