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On Sunday during the sermon, Daniel mentioned a triple challenge to grow in your knowledge of God and to help you "seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness." Here are the details.

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In my last post I encouraged us to grow in walking in the Spirit. One thing that goes hand in hand with walking in the Spirit is walking by faith.

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How to Be a Prophetic Christian Part 2: Be a Person of the Spirit.

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PSALM 90—Our God of Eternity, our life of brevity, and our cry for mercy.

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This past Saturday Mickey Connolly taught a parenting seminar at SGC on the goal and the how of parenting. His target was parents of children through aged 12 years, but as a father of three grown children his gaze often extended upwards to the adult years. 

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To aid your family in knowing which verses each age group is currently memorizing, we have composed a Scripture Memory Verse Chart listing the lesson, the age group, and the particular verse/s to concentrate on each month. 

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As we've mentioned over the last few weeks, we have several book and Bible studies available for our ladies to enjoy together this fall. 

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Sometimes we strive, however imperfectly, to do the right thing because we are convinced that it is what God would have us do. Then we encounter trials along the way that tempt us to doubt in the darkness what we were convinced was true in the light. 

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Carl Trueman on the anonymous, faithful members of the body of Christ throughout the ages who make the church what it is.

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Michelle Alston wrote a testimony that wonderfully captures how God meets us in a variety of ways through the body of Christ. Sometimes that grace comes to us through a counselor, sometimes a patient friend, sometimes a friend who gives an afternoon to fix our car, and sometimes through singing hymns with our brothers and sisters in Christ. All of that is the body of Christ in action and the grace that comes from it!

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