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In my last post I encouraged us to grow in walking in the Spirit. One thing that goes hand in hand with walking in the Spirit is walking by faith.

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This Sunday we will celebrate the Lord's Supper. It is an act that some of us have done hundreds of times. Such seemingly routine acts can lose their richness and power if we forget what exactly they mean—just like a wedding anniversary can be just another task on my calendar if I forget that it means this amazing person actually said, "Yes!" to spending the rest of her life with me.

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In some ways, yesterday was a bit like stepping back in time for me. Allow me to explain: God gave me the gift of faith in Christ for salvation 20 years ago under the gospel teaching of this church and the example of the extraordinary love the saints have for one another in this place. Yesterday was for me flashback to those early years, as Phil carefully dealt with the subject of ongoing Christian sanctification from the pages of Scripture.

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We received an excellent submission for the blog from one of our members. We hope that it encourages you!

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An experience of grace that we can all relate to as feelings of guilt turn to gratitude. 

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Paul Tripp's book Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands was written to help Christians counsel other Christians. While there is certainly a place for professional counseling, the book underscores the idea that most of our giving and receiving of counsel will not be in the therapist's office, but in living rooms, coffee shops, church lobbies, offices, classrooms, and grocery stores. All day we are listening to and giving counsel. The question is, are we doing that well?

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Clay Shelor has written some excellent discussion questions based on last week's sermon. We looked at the topic of "every-member ministry," an idea that has gripped us as elders over the last year or so.

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A meditation on God's unexpected. Remembering Whose grace it is that is sufficient, fighting the inner turmoil and remorse that often exists when one receives salvation but not another, and looking at what God has done. 

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