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Clarifying a church vision is like carving a statue. You start with a huge block of stone and cut away all that doesn't belong to the final product. You trim away the excess, anything that prevents the statue from having all the lines and clarity you want. Finally, the statue is left, much smaller than the original block, but communicating much more at the same time.

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I hope you have enjoyed the recent installation of Jermaine Powell’s painting of the communion elements in our church lobby. His talent needs no exposition: it is obvious and the painting speaks of it loudly....But we don’t incorporate art into our church life thoughtlessly. And there are more questions at stake than simply “does it look nice?”

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Encouraging stuff about the first Council of Elders meeting and foreign missions: The Priority of International Missions for Our Future.

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We're trying to build a church here that has an effective "every-member ministry." Thus, we are excited for men like John–as well as women and children!–to do the work of ministry at SGC.

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 One woman's testimony about her work with troubled teens in Cary, putting faith into action at an Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Program.

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On Friday the Sovereign Grace churches ratified a whole new way of functioning as a family of churches. We introduced a level of organization that far surpasses anything in our history together. That is, we have many more committees and structures than at any point in our past. The question could rightly be asked in the face of this new labyrinth, "Won't this kill mission?"

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Yesterday in what was truly an historical moment for Sovereign Grace, our 67 U.S. churches voted on whether or not they wanted to adopt the new polity proposal.

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Yesterday Phil preached on reasons we give our finances to the church. To put it as snappy as Sam Houston did: "When I got baptized, my wallet got baptized, too." One of the sections of the sermon gave a rationale for why Christians should (at least) tithe. 

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Last fall Jordan and Ashley Liggitt did a Bible study with a group of their neighbors. We asked Jordan about how it went and what he learned along the way.

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Barna created a poll to evaluate how "Bible-minded" different cities were. The questions had to do with reading the Bible within the last seven days and believing in the accuracy of it. A "yes" to these answers meant a person was Bible-minded. Turns out that the Raleigh-Durham area is the 22nd most Bible-minded city they evaluated.

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