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Discipleship Across the Generations

• Jim Martin

Posted in College Group, Discipleship, Life in the Church

Last Sunday, while our young adults were away at a retreat in Virginia, I made a pastoral appeal to our older adult members to consider how they might get involved to serve their younger adult peers. Part of what I shared included ideas for how to get involved. Here are some highlights:

  • PRAYER – A church with so many young families and full schedules leaves many with very little margin to invest in others outside their immediate circle. If you want to serve our young adults, but have very little time to invest, start by praying for them. If you do not know how to pray, ask yourself, “What would I want prayer for if I were facing important decisions about my schooling, future, vocation, relationships, etc.?” Better yet, beginning this Sunday, make a point to start conversation with young adults at church and ask how you can pray for them. Once you know a need…start praying!!!
  • HOSPITALITY – Since everyone must eat, inviting a young adult into your home for a meal is easy! For many of our young adults, particularly those who grew up in the church, you may still only know them as kids and they only know you as adults. Invite them for meals, take time to get to know them as adults, and you will find it easier to carry them on your hearts and in your prayers.
  • HOST AN EVENT – Our young adults meet often, for social and spiritual occasions. Many families have great places to host groups of people. Consider hosting an event for our young adults and use your gift of hospitality to bless them. If you are interested in doing this, speak with Dan Noel about the possibilities.
  • AVAILABLE TO COUNSEL – This invoves a higher commitment on your part, but if you have an interest in being available to offer counsel to our young adults in specific ways, I would like to hear from you. I am working on a project with Dan Noel to identify mature saints who he can refer young adults to for discipleship in specific ways. Please contact me directly to discuss your interest further.

All Christians need discipleship. We are called to invest in others and pursue those who can invest in our growth, as well. I hope today’s encouragement prompts you to consider how discipleship across the generations can grow in your small corner of church life. Thanks for considering it.

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