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New Year's is a good time to think about your Bible reading and what changes you might make for the coming year. Here's a new reading plan organized around "the story line of the Bible: God's plan of redemption.

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Ever read through a passage of Scripture and thought, "Ok....not sure what that was about or how it connects to my life"? Cross-references and commentaries can help connect the dots, but not just any commentary.

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Christmas is a great time to preach the gospel to your family–and to yourself! Reflecting on who Jesus is and why He had to come can keep Christmas from being only about presents and Black Friday and baking more cookies than we could possibly eat (or more than we should eat!).

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Olive Tree sent out this offer today. Could be a convenient time for you to add it to your smartphone!

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When we take time to read and think through the Old Testament, we see that Jesus is the centerpiece of all Scripture as we discover mysteries, find the Lord, and even find ourselves.

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It is unfortunate that so many of us wonder if reading the Old Testament is worth it, feeling like we need Ralphie's Christmas Story decoder pin and a lot of time and effort to make any sense of it. The truth is, when we've put in the time to read and think through it, we will discover mysteries, be transformed, find the Lord, and even find ourselves!

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Paul’s sentence in Ephesians 1:3-14 is a surprising 257 words, exploring the thought that “God has blessed us” (v3) from the widest angle possible inspiring us all to “the praise of His glory” (v14).

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