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• Daniel Baker • Posted in Bible, Book of Revelation, Theology

This past Sunday I preached on the seven seals from Revelation 6-8. In the sermon I touched on the 144,000 from 7:4-8 and said that they represented all the elect from the nation of Israel (with the new covenant people represented by 7:9ff.). Well, that wasn't correct. Looking again at this symbolic group, I missed a key parallel text in Revelation 14:1-3:

• Phil Sasser • Posted in Bible, Life in the Church, Worship

Phil wrote this for the Sovereign Grace blog. It is an excellent piece on the importance and meaning of our singing. He is also commending a sermon by Bob Kauflin in this post.

• Daniel Baker • Posted in Bible, Book of Revelation, History of Redemption, New Testament

Our final post introducing the book of Revelation will speak on three issues—who, what, and why. Who wrote it doesn't tend to impact how we interpret the book, but when it was written certainly does. Asking why it was written also helps us approach the book rightly.

• Daniel Baker • Posted in Bible, Book of Revelation, History of Redemption, New Testament, Sermons

Now that we've looked at some of the big picture aspects of Revelation we're ready to zoom in just a bit closer. If we were on Google maps, we would be going from the state view to the city view. We'll hold off on the street view until the sermons themselves! Our goal for this post is to give a brief description of the major sections of Revelation. As you'll see, there are seven sections that describe similar events in slightly different ways (and sometimes radically different ways).

• Daniel Baker • Posted in Bible, Book of Revelation, Books, New Testament, Sermons

A couple days ago we introduced the book of Revelation in preparation for our summer sermon series. We mentioned a few ideas about the book that help us read it well, namely, that it is apocalyptic prophecy in the form of a letter. Now we want to look at four of the basic approaches that people have used to interpret the book.

• Daniel Baker • Posted in Bible, Book of Revelation, New Testament, Sermons

A dragon. Multi-headed beasts. Scorpions that annihilate countries. 100-lb hailstones. Cities that come down from the sky. Massive and widespread death and destruction… Are we reading another installment of The Lord of the Rings? No, it's the last book of our Bible, Revelation. Revelation has been an obsession to some and a head-scratcher to others. It's been multiple movies, countless fictional recreations, and numerous tracts.

• John McLawhorn • Posted in Attributes of God, Bible, Forgiveness, Gospel, Holy Spirit, New Testament, Prayer

Do we worship what we know or what we do not know? This was the distinction made by Christ to the Samaritan woman at the well of Jacob concerning the Jews and Samaritans of his day. Jesus pointed out that God, who is spirit, was seeking true worshipers who will worship in spirit and truth.

• Sam Hodges • Posted in Attributes of God, Bible, Evangelism, Gospel, New Testament, Theology

In the first chapter of the gospel of John, John introduces readers to the Word. He tells his 1st century audience (primarily Jews and Greeks) a number of surprising things about the Word. We’ll look at four of those traits followed by a few points of application/significance.

• Posted in Bible, Life in the Church

Have you had the experience of sitting in a Sunday sermon and reading along in your Bible as the pastor reads a Bible text, only to notice that what he's saying is different from what you're reading? That can be a confusing moment. What's going on there?

• Posted in Bible, Forgiveness, History of Redemption, Holy Spirit, Old Testament, Sermons, Theology

In Team of Rivals, Doris Kearns Goodwin wrote that Abraham Lincoln "has unequalled power to captivate the imagination and to inspire emotion." For me, King David is the Bible's Abraham Lincoln equivalent in his power to capture imaginations and inspire emotions.

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