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Christmas Readings for December

Posted in Bible, Discipleship

Christmas is a great time to preach the gospel to your family–and to yourself! Reflecting on who Jesus is and why He had to come can keep Christmas from being only about presents and Black Fridays and baking more cookies than we could possibly eat (or more than we should eat!).

Here are 25 daily readings for December 1 through Christmas Day. The first three are introductory, explaining the original need for a Savior (the fall of Adam) and then the final result of Christ's work (the people of God glorified). The Acts reading gives a great overview of Jesus' life, ministry, and redeeming work. Some of the readings provide Old Testament prophecies and then their fulfillment in Jesus. Some of them give clear descriptions of Jesus and His work of redemption.

May these readings provoke fresh gratefulness and understanding of the good news we have in Jesus Christ.

  1. Genesis 3:1-25 - Why was it necessary for Jesus to come? Because of the sin of Adam.
  2. Revelation 21:1-8; 22:1-5 - What is the ultimate result of Jesus coming? The new heavens and the new earth.
  3. Acts 2:22-36 - Jesus coming to earth as a man was about more than being born in a manger. It was about His teachings, His miracles, His death on the cross, His resurrection, and His ascension. This passage sums up His great story.
  4. John 1:1-13
  5. John 1:14-18
  6. John 1:19-34
  7. John 1:35-51
  8. John 3:1-15
  9. John 3:16-21
  10. Mark 1:1-15
  11. Genesis 22:15-18; 2 Samuel 7:12-15; and Matthew 1:1 - prophecies and their fulfillment in Jesus
  12. Isaiah 7:14 and Matthew 1:1-25
  13. Micah 5:2; 2 Samuel 5:2; and Matthew 2:1-12
  14. Hosea 11:1 and Matthew 2:13-15
  15. Isaiah 53:1-3 and Matthew 2:16-23 (most commentators think that "he shall be called a Nazarene" (v. 23) relates to Jesus being from obscure and even scornful origins, something fulfilled by being from a small village like Nazareth and not a famed city like Jerusalem--or even Bethlehem)
  16. Isaiah 61:1-3 and Matthew 3:13-17
  17. Isaiah 9:1-7 and Matthew 4:12-16
  18. Philippians 2:5-11
  19. Luke 1:1-25
  20. Luke 1:26-38
  21. Luke 1:39-56
  22. Luke 1:57-80
  23. Luke 2:1-7
  24. Luke 2:8-21
  25. Luke 2:22-38


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