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One Woman's Experience Speaking in Tongues

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Candace Walton on Speaking in Tongues

On Sunday, February 24, the call to worship during our Sunday service focused on prophecy and the gift of tongues from 1 Corinthians 14:1-5. As you might expect, a number of people responded to the prompting of the Spirit. One of these was Candace Walton, who served the church by interpreting a tongue given by Sam Hodges. We asked her to describe the experience so that others could be encouraged and maybe informed about what it can be like to step out in this way. Here is what she wrote:

In October of last year, I had written down in my prayer journal what I thought could have been an interpretation for a tongue. At the time I had received it, I was struggling with feelings of doubt and fear when the lyrics to “Great is Thy Faithfulness” popped into my head. As I meditated on those wonderful verses, my joy started to replace my fear and doubt. Soon words of praise for the Lord filled my mind, and I was compelled to write these words down. I prayed over it many times after that, asking the Lord to bless others also with these comforting words.

Well, I saw Sam up there, and I thought he might have had a tongue and that they might be waiting on an interpretation. On that Sunday (Feb. 24) I felt a keen sense of urgency and a burden to approach the prophecy mic to tell Walt that I believed I had an interpretation for a tongue. I felt like God wanted me to share what I had written down in my journal that previous October.

Oddly enough, my sister told me later that God had laid it on her heart to pray for someone to have an interpretation at that same time. The feeling was so strong inside of me that I could not stand still, and I even felt a little nauseous. It took some faith and trust for me because I am terrified of microphones. By the grace of God I went up to Walt [that] Sunday and shared with him what I felt the Lord was telling me. Before I knew it the tongue was being given, and then I was terrified of the fact that I actually had to talk into a microphone.

But God, as always, was so faithful. I realized it didn’t matter that I was nervous; I just needed to direct my attention off of myself and put it fully heavenward. God once again filled me to overflowing me an indescribable joy. I wanted to clap my hands and shout out loud. As I gave the interpretation, everything else faded and those comforting words washed over me again. I also discovered the amazing happiness of knowing that God was blessing others by it. Here are those words God so richly blessed me with.

“Oh how great and true is your faithfulness Lord! How established Your ways! How true and firm and unshakable are Your decrees! I may lean on them and rely on their abounding strength. My strength is not my own but only in You and through You. You are steadfast Lord, You are steadfast! To the end of the ages, You are the Rock of ages – whom I shall build upon. Oh how unshakable the house that is built upon you! How fixed are the roots of a tree that has grown up and out of You! Only You are completely immovable in this world that rages like a hungry sea. But You, Oh Lord are my Anchor. You bear me up and sustain my life. I cannot live without You. Every breath that I take is sure because You have made it so. You never change and Your promises never change. You are my sure and steady lifeline. Though I may pass from this world, my fate, MY GOD is sure! I am sure of my life, my redemption, and my death. Death only makes sure my encounter with You – because You will raise me to new life! My life is hidden in You and You have bound Yourself to me. Your promises are sure and steadfast. You are the great, “I AM”!

Thank you, Candace, for blessing us by your courage and submission to the prompting of the Spirit!

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