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What Being Reformed is NOT

What Being Reformed is NOT

What we do (and do not) mean by “being reformed”

  • We identify with the Protestant Reformation of the 16th Century
    • We identify with the Five “solas” of the reformation (see lesson 1)
    • specifically, we are NOT Roman Catholic
    • further, we are NOT Lutheran or Anabaptist
    • further, we ARE Calvinistic in our soteriology (doctrine of salvation)
    • further, we ARE confessional (we link our beliefs to a written confession of faith)
  • Other Reformed groups
    • various Presbyterian Denominations (Westminster Confession of Faith)
    • Reformed Baptists (2nd London Baptist Confession)
    • some other Baptist, non-denominational, and Bible churches
  • How do we differ from other churches in the Reformed tradition?
    • Baptism (paedobaptism vs. credobaptism)
    • The Holy Spirit (cessationist vs. continuationist)
    • Covenant Theology (Covenantal vs. dispensational)
    • Church Government (elder governed vs. congregational)

Stereotypes and Misconceptions

  1. Hyper-calvinism


  1. Fatalism


  1. Non-evangelistic


  1. Frozen Chosen


  1. Cage Stage


Guidelines for continuing the conversation

  • Avoid “Waffle House” theology.
  • Prioritize affirming what the bible affirms and denying what the bible denies.
  • Remember that we are not the first to wrestle with these issues.
  • Challenge yourself to write down what you believe on these issues.
  • Acknowledge that you also had to learn these things.





Reminders to the Reformed (5 Pursuits)

Because we were saved by grace…

  1. Pursue humility and thanksgiving toward God
  2. Pursue patience and love toward others

Because God is the Sovereign LORD over all…

  1. Be confident in prayer
  2. Be bold in evangelism
  3. Worship of a worthy God

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