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Proverbs Panel Discussion at the 2021 Men’s Retreat

Here are the questions that the men were asked to consider:


  1. At what point in your life did you first commit to applying the truths from Proverbs? What led you to that commitment?

  2. How have you made Proverbs a part of your steady bible-reading diet? What are some suggestions you would have for young men for how they should make sure they get enough of Proverbs in their diet?

  3. How has your life benefited from the teachings of Proverbs in the following areas? If you have specific verses that have had particular impact, share them. There may be overlap in some of these categories.

    1. Finances, debt, poverty, and investments

    2. Work and vocation (and laziness)

    3. Marriage and sexuality

    4. Parenting

    5. Truthfulness and speech

    6. Friendship and relationships

    7. Wisdom and folly

    8. Justice

    9. Pride and humility

    10. Alcohol

    11. Temptation

    12. Self-control and discipline

    13. Anger and conflict

    14. Sanctification and accountability

  4. Can you share any specific situations where applying Proverbs averted disaster in your life?

  5. How have you used Proverbs in discipling your children or other men?

  6. How do you connect wise living from Proverbs with the Gospel (and avoid works righteousness)?

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