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Simple Questions to Start Gospel Conversations

• Daniel Baker

Posted in Evangelism

Last week in Mike's sermon he offered a set of simple questions that can be used to turn a conversation into a gospel conversation. I mention this for two reasons. One is to serve as a reminder that our sermon pages include a full manuscript of the sermons (at least, most of the time). And second, these questions are really helpful. After an excerpt from Mike's sermon I'll mention an opportunity where you can put these into practice. 


It's good to think deeply and clearly of the core truths of the gospel and how to bridge them into spiritual conversations. In the context of a friendship or relationship it’s often easier to do as opposed to a short one time interaction with someone. Regardless of who you are talking to and what the context is, we should be ready and awake to ask people things like:

What are your spiritual beliefs?

Who do you think Jesus Christ is ?

Do you think there is a heaven or hell?

Do you go to church?

What’s your church background?

These questions and others are found in a book that Cort Walker used when he taught an evangelism class a few years ago. It’s entitled Share Jesus Without Fear by William Fay. These questions are gentle and respectful ways to see if the person is interested in talking about spiritual things. And if they’re not, it’s usually a sign that it's not an open door.


One way you might consider taking these questions out for a test-drive has to do with the upcoming "Party in the Peak," a community event celebrating Apex’s 150th anniversary. It's being held September 23rd. Apex is looking for volunteers to help put on the event. Maybe you and a friend, you and your family, or your home group could sign up to help? Go here to do that.  


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