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An Interview with Phil Sasser - Part 2

• Daniel Baker

Posted in Evangelism

Hello again. Our next mid-week video is now live. This is the conclusion of our interview with Phil Sasser. For this segment we ask him a number of questions about workplace evangelism, drawing on his years as a pharmacist. Phil proved gifted in being both relational and truth-ful as an evangelist in the workplace. For our interview I asked him for practical advice to help the many of you who work and interact with non-Christians. 

Here are some of the questions he addresses: 

  1. What are some tips you have for sharing the gospel in the workplace?
  2. What are some questions that have been helpful in bringing up the gospel in a natural way?
  3. Are there any books or resources from your study of apologetics that have been helpful to keep in mind as you share the gospel?
  4. Anything on your list of things to avoid with workplace evangelism?

We hope you enjoy the time with Phil. 


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