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An Interview with Phil Sasser - Part 1

• Daniel Baker

Posted in Coronavirus, Worship

The COVID quarantine continues, and it looks like it'll be a while longer. Lord willing, we'll be able to meet face to face soon. Until then we'll do our best to continue these videos, which are just another way for us to stay connected as a church.

This week our special guest is Phil Sasser, Pastor Emeritus at SGC. We'll post this in two parts. The first has to do with the Sunday gathering, and the second with workplace evangelism. Given Phil's decades in pastoral ministry and his extensive study of the Bible and church history, he has a lot of insight about the Lord's Day gathering and what it means to the life of a Christian. Stayed tuned for the end of the interview for his...candid...advice to parents of young boys about preparing for Sunday worship.

Next week we'll hear from him on the topic of workplace evangelism where we draw on his years as a pharmacist. He often proved to be a natural, relational evangelist while in the workplace.

In Part One of this interview here are the questions he'll address: 

  1. What are Bible passages that proved meaningful to you in your years as a pastor? 
  2. What are ways you would recommend to better prepare for worship on the Lord's Day? 
  3. What have you seen are the long-term benefits of consistent Sunday attendance? 
  4. What have you observed are the long-term losses of regularly missing Sunday services? 
  5. Regarding Sunday mornings, what are some recommendations you would have for parents of younger children, maybe 5-10 yrs old? 

We hope you enjoy the interview. 


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